about tangonexion javier antar and patricie porakova and team


About us

We are in constant research for the “unfindable perfection”. Seeking for the most accurate dance connexion technique and for the best teaching method.

The adventure never ends, and we confirm this every time we go back to the source and variations it allows. Because Tango is a social art form. Can be highly technical and complex, but this doesn’t mean it’s difficult. It just means it needs precision and clarity from the first step.

It’s our goal to share with you all our dance experience to help you find your own. To set solid bases on which to built your dance indefinitely. It is a lot… but it’s just the beginning!!!

Method tangonexion

Tangonexion is the name we’ve given to a specific technique of movement. It provides a comprehensive structure of vocabulary to clearly identify, combine and create exercises to assure your own progress.

This technique allows anyone to deeply understand and put together the theory and practice of Argentine Tango from its very basics. And therefor allows the dancer to keep a strong, conscious and solid improvement over time.

It’s has been developed after more than 20 years of intense research in Buenos Aires, interacting with thousands of people (teachers, colleagues and students); and it’s been proven to work all over the planet, with students of all ages and levels. And since The Tangonexion absorbs the knowledge from the dancers in real life, it keeps improving and refining itself continuously.