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We are Javier Antar and Patricie Porakova, two dancers in constant search of the “unattainable perfection”. Seeking the most accurate dance connexion and the best teaching method, we are in permanent observation of our own dance. Our aim is to understand it and teach it. Our first achievement together are our advanced students in the Czech Republic. In particular those who have come with us to Buenos Aires one or more times.

Tangonexion Team

tangonexion teamJavier started dancing tango in 1996 in Buenos Aires, where he took many lessons with many different teachers. In 1998 he met Gustavo Naveira and became one of his few students at that time. Together with a profound and solid technical knowledge of improvisation, very soon he understood the importance of conscious practice. Developing this part of the dance has become one of his greater basis. This allowed him to discover his own natural approach to tango that led him to find his own personal style. Therefor, making him advance much faster as a dancer and be much more efficient as a teacher. As a result, tango schools and festivals around the planet have asked for his help during the last 15 years.

Tangonexion Team

Patricie is a natural born dancer who has danced many dance styles since her childhood. She’s studied in Barcelona - Jaques Lecoq body poetry. For many years she was an important member of “Farm in the Cave” and “Spitfire”. Both of them worldwide known dance companies of physical theatre from the Czech Republic. Besides Europe, she has worked in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, and Peru. Although tango has been her main activity since 2004. In 2011 Patricie was nominated for the Dancer of the year award. Her first work as a tango-theatre director was Quilombo. In 2010 she became a full time tango dancer and resident of Buenos Aires. This gave her an important recognition among the local community of tangueros. Because of this, she was regularly invited for consultations and cooperation in closed groups of professional dancers.