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    We are based in Prague, but also travelling to Tango!

    You can learn the most advanced technique for real improvisation of Argentine tango.

    You can also learn choreography!

    You can choose private, semi-private and group lessons.

    Take advantage of our 20 years of teaching experience around the world.

    We know how to help you find and develop your own dance!

    With Escualo Quintet!

    Misterio del Ángel: Tango Show

    We are glad that we can bring another inspiration in cooperation with the amazing Escualo Quintet.

    Our show is used in private or public places.

    Be ready to experience the new tango in its best form!

    Contact us to make your event very special!

    Meet local and international dancers!

    Unleash your dance and expand your passion!

    You can dance with tango fans in the most important and friendly tango communities!

    Make local and international tango people every year, and dance with local professionals in Buenos Aires.

    This will give you what you need to see your dance grow steadily and quickly.


  • Javier

    Javier started dancing tango in 1996 in Buenos Aires, where he took many lessons with many different teachers. In 1998 he met Gustavo Naveira and became one of his few students at that time. Together with a profound and solid technical knowledge of improvisation, very soon he understood the importance of conscious practice. Developing this part of the dance has become one of his greater basis. This allowed him to discover his own natural approach to tango that led him to find his own personal style. Therefor, making him advance much faster as a dancer and be much more efficient as a teacher. As a result, tango schools and festivals around the planet have asked for his help during the last 15 years.

  • Patricie

    Patricie is a natural born dancer who has danced many dance styles since her childhood. She’s studied in Barcelona - Jaques Lecoq body poetry. For many years she was an important member of “Farm in the Cave” and “Spitfire”. Both of them worldwide known dance companies of physical theatre from the Czech Republic. Besides Europe, she has worked in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, and Peru. Although tango has been her main activity since 2004. In 2011 Patricie was nominated for the Dancer of the year award. Her first work as a tango-theatre director was Quilombo. In 2010 she became a full time tango dancer and resident of Buenos Aires. This gave her an important recognition among the local community of tangueros. Because of this, she was regularly invited for consultations and cooperation in closed groups of professional dancers.

  • Mikuláš
    To me, tango is all about the connection - a connection to your partner, to your own body, to the others on the dance floor. So let's explore and connect together!
    Since I've discovered tango, it slowly became one of the biggest parts of my life, so I'm really looking forward to introducing you to this beautiful addiction!



    We've been learning, developing, and teaching this technique for over 20 years. So we have a very precise knowledge about technique, and how the bodies can get quality and amount of movements. Respecting and even enriching the original “rules of tango” without intelectualising it much. But with a clear and solid way to understand its mechanics and micromechanics. We also perform EVERY YEAR at some of the top milongas in BuenosAires, where the audience is made up of tango people who watch professional dancers many times per week: we dance AUTHENTIC tango for tango fans and professional dancers.


    that is constantly improving and has helped hundreds of students, literally all over the planet. Our method will give you a very solid basis and a way to see, to direct, and develop your own progress. Yes, you can become a great dancer. Consequently, choose Tangonexion!


    And we do that by going back to Buenos Aires every year for 2 to 5 months and focus on our own improvement. So we train a lot and we exchange knowledge with different tango colleagues. This means we put a lot of money and effort in what we do. Therefore, we can offer our clients the best available tango service, be it classes or shows. It's necessary to bear all that in mind when you compare the prices of tango lessons of other schools, as there can be a significant difference. So, choose wisely!


    This is a very important part of our teaching program. Visiting the tango mecca for lessons and dancing with Professional Argentines is the only way to get a realistic perspective on where your tango is at and making it solidly advance! What could be better than this?


    Certainly, this means we live tango together: learn, practice, teach, perform and, of course, dance for fun! So we can give you a complete vision and feedback to make your tango improve faster. It takes two to tango!

  • TEAM

    Our Team gives their best every time. That is to say, that our team works hard and gets together every week to keep improving and deliver the best from us all. In short, choose Tangonexion!


    It’s our goal to share with you all our dance experience to help you find your own. To set solid bases on which to built your dance indefinitely. It is a lot… but it’s just the beginning!!! Register here!

Learn our Biodynamic System for Dancing Tango

The use of movement to produce movement

When the two bodies are both in axis there is no need to use force or tension. Force and tension are a waste of energy, contaminates the movement, creates discomfort, reduce our possibilities and looks very bad. But to understand movement we must understand stillness first, and grow from there. So our technique and method will show you how to deeply understand and achieve a much higher level of dance. All this through the use of the type of connection that suits you the best.

Tango is an embrace

Either is social Tango, stage Tango or high level improvisational Tango, the embrace has to keep feeling for what it is: a human embrace. So it's not a rigid dance position. This opens the door for each person to find a personal embrace and start building your own style form there. We understand that one of the mystical and more importante parts of tango is precisely that: make your partner  feel (whomever he/she is at that moment) what an embrace is for you.

Try all the possibilities

Once you understand how the Tango movement and the Tango embrace work, play with it to find many other possibilities and enrich your dance. Experiment with the legs positions, let go one arm, the other. Move from there and back to the embrace. You will realize how much connection with your partner you can still have with these new possibilities! The Tango you always wanted is waiting for you and, just like we did with hundreds of students, we can help you find it too!

Leader leads, follower follows

As all the social dances we know of, Tango also follow this rule. That seems like no news, but this statement refers to a much higher commitment from the leader to be responsable for his partner comfort and movement. And the same goes for the follower. Understanding each person's role and the dance technique will give both roles the freedom needed  to complete the whole sense of this dance: complex but fun; fun but responsable; traditional but innovative; happy and sad... all the "dichotomies" seem to find their connection in Tango.

These four concepts are the base of modern tango, and the reason for which tango has developed so much in the last 20 years. We know it because we were there! We were at that time in Buenos Aires attending all these events about this new system. But not only that! We kept practicing based on these guidelines until we found our own and personal tango; and from there we sharpened it, polished it, and keep it on maintenance!

In short, managing a Tango School & Tango Shows is a lot of work. But we like it, is our passion and we're here to share it with you.

A serious Tango School & Tango Shows in the same institution is more than difficult to find.

Take advantage of this opportunity and join us to study tango!