Tango in Buenos Aires Experience


More than 200 tangueros have already taken this program, and some of them did it up to 7 times!



14TH - 23RD JANUARY 2024



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Some Testimonials of Previous Participants

"I already did the BA Experience 5 times and I plan to come back. In Buenos Aires you breath tango!" * Vít

"I did this program 4 times because it allows you to dance with dancers you wouldn't dance otherwise" * Barbora

This was my 3rd time! The Guest Teachers are great, cool and sexy. I encourage you to join it too!" * Pedro

"You get very constructive feedback from beautiful great dancers. Go for it! It definitely worth it!" * Nikola

Dancing with local teachers make you feel safe in Milongas, allowing to enjoy its unique atmosphere". Honza

"Javier & Patri are the best teachers and I had an amazing, amazing adventure!" Andreea

I took this amazing course: you should do it as well. I promise you will never regret it! * Alina

"This Tango Experience is the best experience you can imagine. I want to do it again!" * Agata

"The Guest Teachers also focus on the embrace, on the enjoinment in milongas" * Krystína

"If you want to really enjoy Tango in its own place, this program is simply a must" * Bárbara

5 Warm up & Technique lessons before each group lesson.

5 Group lessons partnering rotating-professional-assistants.

5 Practice sessions after each lesson with professional assistants

5 Entrance to selected milongas to dance with our assistants.

2 Private lessons with Javier & Patricie .

Full time help, guidance and advice about anything you might need before and during your stay in Buenos Aires.

And also some optional and unique surprises!

To ensure quality, each group is limited to the changing local conditions of Buenos Aires every year. If you want to asure your Tango in Buenos Aires Experience, get in contact now for more details.

"I did this program 5 times already...
and every time has been better than the previous one."
Tango in Buenos Aires Experience

"Dancing with such great dancers 4-5 hours per day and immersing yourself into its culture will give you a clear idea of what Tango really is."


Tango in Buenos Aires Experience

"I'm so happy I decided to take this program!
All dancers should do it at least once!"
Tango in Buenos Aires Experience

"The guest teachers are such good dancers and such nice people!

And they give you great advices to improve your tango."


Tango in Buenos Aires Experience


1. A clear Pedagogy

A clear pedagogy and progressive instruction that has proven to work for over two decades of traveling around the world. In other words, this pedagogy is the result of our own practice and analysis.

2. Full Immersion

It has the right amount of dancing time each day. Consequently, you'll learn new material and the sufficient amount of practice hours. And becauseof this, you'll integrate what you’ve learned into your dance.

3. Our Guest Teachers

Rotating-super-advanced tango dancers from Buenos Aires. Someone with a much higher level of dance. They are young Tango Professionals with exclusive dedication to Tango and have been part of our Tango School for some years.

Moreover, these 3 points are great when they stand alone, but working together they act powerfully on the student, exponentially raising the level of their dance.  So for us, there are no secrets. There is only good instruction and conscious practice. Above all, practicing unconsciously will only reinforce your bad habits and accentuate what doesn’t work in your dance.  Therefore, we believe that real learning requires conscious learning applied WITH training. So we have put together a comprehensive and progressive program that will bring your dancing to your next level. In other words, we will give you the tools you need in order to acquire a logical way of thinking about the dance. Consequently, you'll be able to construct your OWN dance.


“It was a super nice experience, with excellent organizational support.  In this concept, you get not only the dance, but also the so necessary social contacts with local dancers.”

Eva F.

 “The best way how to get any idea about tango, tension between dancers, your own body and the respect for your partner… That is to say, I loved this trip!”


 “Thank to all of you for these beautiful 14 days!!! It was very intensive, very pleasant and easygoing.”


“It was so awesome! I think all the ¨Grupo Checo de Javier Antar” will remember this year for ever!”



 “It was amazing! Sitting in Rome airport and already missing all that energy of “Grupo Checo de Javier Antar”


“I would like thank for the nourishing moments, great care, for closeness so far away and for this “curing infection", with lasting effects. Because "life is a magnificent dance and we danced it all“


"It was an interesting mixture of people with whom I discovered the continent of tango. And in some way, as a result we discovered ourselves too. 

The assistants were not only professionals, but also nice friendly people. Very constructive for my tango, apparently I'm dancing differently after the arrival. 

Consequently, I can communicate more with my partner on the dance floor, when I am allowed to. And what is most important, quite often I am having more fun. 

So I achieved to chase a bit out of my head the idea of “untouchable dancers” (which are too good for me) and feel more relaxed now. 

The expedition was a really nourishing. Ladies, you are very positive and full of energy  and I like how Patricie and Javier teach me. 

Therefore, I will return again and again to discover more subtleties of tango."

Jan H.

 “I am on the plane, somewhere over the coast of South America, and my head is full of things I have lived during our expedition and not only that. 

The feeling which is overwhelming me is GRATITUDE. I am person of relationships, so I am thankful for our nice sharing even we are all very different characters and types. 

I am thankful for the care and organization, ideas and atitude of you two our enthusiastic guides – Patricie and Veronika. 

So, thanks to you I had great experiences and through all this time felt safe in every sense. 

To Javi and assistants I am grateful for all feedbacks and for being pushed out of my comfort zone.”


 “I was amazed by the teaching of Javier and Patricie... I learned how to absorb tango, discovering movements visible on the outside as a result of fine directed world inside.

Thank you for the beautiful moments and classes in this Tango in Buenos Aires Experience. With talented and patient assistants being the mirrors of our dance. 

Loved to be surrounded by tango music in our guest house with its own dance room. 

I felt treated with much care in tango events and in all other activities too. 

It was great to experience the real energy of local milongas… 

Incredible trip into my feelings of how to take care of my dancing partner, the music… before I was not aware of all the micro-movements I am able to feel…

So I'm already looking forward for the next edition”


“We don`t want to leave! We’ll take with us lots of incredible memories of great people.

I hardly find words which could express properly how much I am thankful that I could be here with you.

A perfect holiday. Thank you Patricie and Javi and all the rest.”


Tango in Buenos Aires Experience