Our TAngo Studio could be your dance studio

tango - yoga - pilates - aerobic - ballet - acting

You CAN rent it out to host your weekly lessons, weekend workshops or for any special event. Call: +420 777 299 959

The dance & events studio is on the ground floor, it has separated dressing rooms with lockers and toilets with showers. So, no difficult stairs to climb or elevators to take!

The floor is made of wood, and the net size of the dance floor is 88m2 of a top quality on the market. The windows are facing the courtyard gardens. It can host about from 20 to 40 people dancing or 50 to 70 people seated.

It has a mirror, a kitchen corner with water and facilities to make tea and coffee; refrigerator and dishwasher.

There is a fully equipped sound system with professional JBL speakers, 6 channel mixing board and a professional projector.

We're so happy to share our new studio for other activities besides tango.

Contact us to talk about your project, expectations and possibilities. Either is for regular lessons or special weekend events. Our studio is new, very clean and all in it is working perfectly.

Besides all the amenities and services it offers, there's also the human factor: everybody related to this space will be happy to help you with anything you may need. We love to work in a very friendly and loving atmosphere because this is a crucial part of our philosophy.

So, if you or someone you know are looking for a different space, don't hesitate to gi've us a call or send us a message thru our contact form so we can coordinate a visit. The demand for spaces to rent is high and reservations are rapidly growing.