Colleagues about us

Find out what some of our colleagues say about us

    I know Javier Antar since 1998 when he used to participate in the “tango practices”. He always clearly understood and found the “value” of the “tango”.
    I discovered on him the true essence of a tango dancer, the necessary feelings, the personal and unique reaction that leads a dancer to deeply discover himself in dance terms.
    I must say that I have been always indeed impressed on his creative abilities. He easily achieves with the inspiration for the creative act, reaching quite naturally the most unexpected combinations and giving birth to entirely new choreographic ideas, which all of a sudden fit the music. A stable temperament, a gentle walk, natural and very solid at the same time, do nothing but give brightness, clarity and presence to his powerful choreographic texture.
    He truly believes, as I do, in the freshness of improvisation as the true expression of feelings and personality. I can firmly establish that he has always been very dedicated to the study of the Argentine Tango, having reached a very deep knowledge in all its aspects and possesses today extraordinary ability as a tango dancer, teacher and performer.


  • Noelia Hurtado & Carlitos Espinosa
    Noelia Hurtado & Carlitos Espinosa

    “I love dancing with Javi, he’s one of the best dancers of this era. And I also like very much what he’s doing with Patri. Tangonexion is a school to take advantage of!”

    Dana Frígoli & Adrian Ferreyra

    Javi & Patri are a couple that I love. Each one of them brings along original and high level dance expertise. Their shows and lessons at DNI Tango have been a great success. I’m sure that Czech tangueros will fill their classes and take advantage of all their experience and talent. Patri is a very honest and hard-working woman; I admire and love her for all the work that she has invested in dancing. When it comes to teaching she shows that she is a committed and determined teacher. Javier is a tanguero of my era, talented, questioning, musical and generous. I admire and recommend their work by all means!!!”

  • Carla Marano
    Carla Marano

    Patricie and Javier dance tango improvising at 100% with a unique musicality. They are modern in their technique and the handling of the various elements of the dance, as well as the space, but traditional with regard to the embrace that is essential to make the tango what it is. Genuine, creative and with their own style, they bring all this creativity and personality to their role as teachers, taking the student to that real and deep search of the dance."

  • Bruno Tombari
    Bruno Tombari

    “Javier and Patri are a beautiful couple, great dancers and excellent people. He understands the matrix of tango like few people in the world, she dances with all her being for a lifetime. He creates and guides, and she is the inspiration and the poetry of the couple. The tango united them and together they develop a style so personal as real and beautiful. And, on top of that, they continue to learn day by day like true masters, since they understood that this is the way. I personally admire them both very much and I think Czech Republic has a great opportunity to develop its tango with two great exponents, take advantage of them. Your tango is going to thank you!”

  • El Chino Nechi
    El Chino Nechi

    Tangonexion, drawing on the roots in the past to create tango for the future. Both Patri and Javier are two colleagues of mine that I most admire, learn from and enjoy watching. They have the knowledge and the flexibility and flow of the movement, added to an intellect and feeling that helps them to transmit it. I like their classes and I take part in them every time they teach in Buenos Aires; and if I had the possibility to do it regularly, I would do it without hesitation!!!”

  • Eugenia Parilla
    Eugenia Parilla

    “I’m very glad Javier has given shape and a start to his tango school. With Patri, they make a couple that’s already acquiring a personal style, which is not a small thing! Besides of all his experience and technical knowledge of this dance, people will enjoy their pedagogy. I’m very happy for their students!”


    "Javier and Patricia are two dancers and professionals of high quality, both in their pedagogical development and in their dance. With a great skill of movement, which combines the bases of traditional tango, with a fluidity and richness of contemporary dance. The assembly of languages gives them a unique proposal in their style. I had the opportunity to work with them both in teaching, (International festivals), and in artistic creation. I can attest of their professional commitment, as well as the human quality and the camaraderie towards their colleagues. In their tango you can observe a broad language and an extreme handling of musicality, which gives one of the distinct aspects to this couple. Every time we meet in Buenos Aires or any other city, I really enjoy dancing a few tandas with Javi."

  • Javier & Patricie
    Javier & Patricie

    We are Javier Antar and Patricie Porakova, two dancers in constant research for the “unfindable perfection”. Seeking for the most accurate dance connexion technique and for the best teaching method, we are in permanent observation of our own intuitive and conscious dance, to then understand it and explain it (deliver it).

    The adventure never ends, and we confirm this every time we go back to the source and variations it allows. Because Tango is a social art form. Can be highly technical and complex, but this doesn’t mean it’s difficult. It just means it needs precision and clarity from the first step.