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Gustavo Naveira

I know Javier Antar since 1998 when he used to participate in the “tango practices”. He always clearly understood and found the “value” of the “tango”.

I discovered on him the true essence of a tango dancer, the necessary feelings, the personal and unique reaction that leads a dancer to deeply discover himself in dance terms.

I must say that I have been always indeed impressed on his creative abilities. He easily achieves with the inspiration for the creative act, reaching quite naturally the most unexpected combinations and giving birth to entirely new choreographic ideas, which all of a sudden fit the music. A stable temperament, a gentle walk, natural and very solid at the same time, do nothing but give brightness, clarity and presence to his powerful choreographic texture.

He truly believes, as I do, in the freshness of improvisation as the true expression of feelings and personality. I can firmly establish that he has always been very dedicated to the study of the Argentine Tango, having reached a very deep knowledge in all its aspects and possesses today extraordinary ability as a tango dancer, teacher and performer.

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