Argentine Tango in Prague


Interplay of freedom and intimacy, independence and closeness, leading and following, giving and receiving. This can be a dance in two when you share our Argentine tango in Prague.

Discover and enjoy your own dance, meet other dancing spirits in Prague and other cities of Czech Rep. Come with us to experience Tango at selected events in Europe. 

And if you want the best of all, we can also make you dance with local professionals in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and enjoy the real taste of tango!

Because our goal is to give you a holistic tango experience, a truly unique and complete menu to choose from.

So, join our lessons and see how you too can deeply understand and fluently dance and enjoy this unique art!

Tango lessons in Prague

It’s our goal to share with you all our tango experience to help you find your own. To set solid bases on which to built your dance indefinitely. It is a lot… but it’s just the beginning!