argentinské tango praha

Javier Antar a Patricie Poráková

Argentinské Tango v Praze

Interplay of freedom and intimacy, independence and closeness, leadership and following, receiving and giving. This can be a dance for two when you share Argentine tango. Argentine tango is exceptional for its typical close embrace and complete proximity to bodies, which justifies the interdependence on the harmonious movement of space. Improvisation is another complementary and necessary element in this dance “discipline.” Improvised “physical action” - “physical dialogue” between partners visible from the outside is not functional (cannot happen) unless it arises and is conducted from the inside.

We are dancers exploring "unrivalled perfection". Looking for the most accurate dance connection technique and the most effective teaching method. We constantly observe our own intuitive and conscious dance and deep line of communication, on this basis we pass them on.

Come discover and establish a relationship with your body and this dance, which requires subsurface communication.

Argentinské Tango v Praze

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