Why choose our tango lessons?

WE SPECIALIZE IN REAL IMPROVISATION: We’ve been learning, developing, and teaching this technique for over 20 years. So we have a very precise knowledge about technique, and how the bodies can get the highest quality and amount of movements; respecting and even enriching the original “rules of tango” without intelectualizing it much, but with a clear and solid way to understand its mechanics and micromechanics. We also perform EVERY YEAR at some of the top milongas in BuenosAires, where the audience is made up of tango people who watch professional dancers many times per week: we dance AUTHENTIC tango for tango fans and professional dancers.

WE HAVE A VERY SOLID METHOD OF TEACHING that is constantly improving and has helped hundreds of students, literally all over the planet. Our method will give you a very solid basis and a way to see, to direct, and develop your own progress. Yes, you can become a good dancer.

WE KEEP INVESTING IN OUR ART ALL THE TIME. We go back to Buenos Aires every year for 2 to 5 months and focus on our own improvement. We train a lot and we exchange knowledge with different tango colleagues. This means we put a lot of money and effort in what we do, so that we can offer our clients the best available product, be it classes or shows. It is necessary to bear all that in mind when you compare the prices of tango lessons of other schools, as there can be a significant difference.


WE TAKE OUR STUDENTS TO BUENOS AIRES. This is a very important part of our teaching program. Visiting the tango mecca with some students for lessons and dancing with advanced Argentine and local dancers is the only way to get a realistic perspective on where your tango is at. There is no better way than that!

WE ARE A DANCE COUPLE. This means we live tango together: learn, practice, teach, perform, dance for fun… So we can give you a complete vision and feedback to make your tango improve faster. It takes two to tango!

WE HAVE A VERY ENTHUSIASTIC TEAM that gives their best every time, works hard and gets together every week to keep improving and deliver the best from us all.

WE TEACH AT THE MOST COMFORTABLE AND MODERN STUDIO. We are very happy to work at Limpid Works. It is very well located and the dance room is spacious and beautiful; it has comfortable and clean changing rooms with showers and lockers, a brand new high tech sound system and a very warm welcome at the front desk.