Tango Lessons in Prague

Tango lessons in Czechia

Note: Only the following lessons teach The Tangonexion Technique. For activities outside the Czech Republic, see “SPECIAL EVENTS“.


PRAGUE (studio Tangonexion, Donská 275/9, 101 00 Praha 10-Vršovice)


20:15 Formation of advanced tangueros (limited group).


19:00 Advanced Beginners (graduates of Beginners 2).

20:15 Intermediates.


18:30 Advanced.

19:45 Milonga / Vals – Advanced.


19:30 Beginners 1 (first level) JANUARY 2019.

BRNO: Bukovský Winery, Úvoz 4.

ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICE: Elijana Center, Riegrova 1816 / 3A.

HRADEC KRALOVE: Adalbertinum, CSA 300.

JIHLAVA: House of Health, Vrchlického 57.

OLOMOUC: Circus Atum, Farsky 2.

PARDUBICE: Malaya Centrum, Tr. Peace 110.

Tango Lessons

Tango Lessons


All our Weekly Tango Lessons Czechia garanteed you’ll have the best tango technique experience!

We usually begging our lessons with a specific warm up.

Slowly entering our bodies and specifically preparing the movements we’ll use during the lesson. This is a crucial part of each session, so… don’t be late!

Learning/reviewing the specific technique that we’ll use in couples.

These are short sequences that we study part by part, so that we can later break in pieces.

Then we’ll put all this “micro movements” into the tango language and practice also the alternatives to better fit real life situations.

Everything is explained without making our students crazy with weird names or pretentious vocabulary. So you’ll feel comfortable in general: we know our students! And all questions and comments are welcome after the teacher’s explanation.

Make it work!

Since Tango is a social dance, we strongly encourage changing partners during the lesson. Especially so in the last part of it, where everybody already knows the sequence of the day. Because the point is to make it work with the rest of our classmates too.

Following these simple procedures, we’re constantly surprised by the fast progress of our students. In the end, we all know that Tango is much more fun when you can dance it better!!!